Complementary colors and diagonal composition from today's ride. The sun is high at 3 pm.
My escape from the dark. 
I can only hear the sound of the tyres in the snow, the jumping chains and my heartbeat. No shadows. Just peace.
Burst of colour in the flatness of the morning light. Snowy rides expected for another couple of months.
In a cool light. The Silence and the freezing temperature gives a different mood to the ride.
Meanwhile in Finland
Riding on a thin ice today. Soon my tracks will melt away but I don't mind.
Waves breaking in slow motion. No need to hurry now.
The ice doubles the light.
When the line gets steeper things get contrasty. That goes for photography too.
The snow came back today
I was able to hit the trails after the kids were at sleep. Even it was late it turned out nice. I wish I could share the smells and sounds of the night too.
Going up! Keeping the pedals moving while trying to stay in balance. Going uphill is not only about power when the climb is steep and the turns are tight with some loose sand. It took several tries to clear this without touching the ground and my HR hit the maximum. Heavy rain towards the end of the ride cooled me down though.
Wacth out! Because any day something good might happen. She happened to me. Nice #couple of hours cycling together today.
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